Welcome to Duranlar!

Our story has began with the love of our job.

What makes us different is our sincerity...

We have added the endless love of nature while we process the milk which is the main nutrient of all living creatures. You will realise that what makes us addicted to milk is coming through that love. But, is this our only difference?

  • 12.000 m2 Production Facility
  • Air Contact Free Production Platforms, Untouched by the Human Hands
  • All Products are Inspected by Food Engineers
  • High-Technology Test Lab
  • Daily Distrubution by Our Private Vehicles

D2 Food Marketing S.A.

D2 Food LLC. İs founded by Duranlar Dairy Products to distrubute our products to all-over the Antalya.

Untill the year of 2005, D2 Food was only serving in Antalya market but it had extended to whole Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. At the end of the 2008, with the board decision, D2 Food Inc. assumed the mission of distrubution with its regional branches than it has started growing in the market with new products which focused on milk and diary products.


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Milk Consumption in Babies and Children

Milk is the first nutrient that we ever consumed since we have born. At the first stage babies only fed by their mother's milk but later the feeding process continues with both mother's milk and animal milk. Mother's ...

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Duranlar Dairy Products at the Algeria Food Expo!

We have took our place at the Agriculture and Food Fair which is taking place at the Algeria Safex Palais des Expositions. You are invited too!

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