D2 Food Marketing S.A.

D2 Food LLC. İs founded by Duranlar Dairy Products to distrubute our products to all-over the Antalya.

Untill the year of 2005, D2 Food was only serving in Antalya market but it had extended to whole Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. At the end of the 2008, with the board decision, D2 Food Inc. assumed the mission of distrubution with its regional branches than it has started growing in the market with new products which focused on milk and diary products.

D2 Gıda, which served only to the Antalya market until 2005, started marketing activities in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions between 2005 and 2008. At the end of 2008, with the decision of the board of directors, we established our company which undertakes the distributorship of Duranlar Süt in all of Turkey. And other product groups that have been added to its portfolio. Our company located in the center of Antalya gives direct support to the group of out-of-home consumption except for the regional dealerships.

Our company, which prioritizes staff training, consists of people who are experienced in marketing and sales staff; All the products that are sold from the raw material to the last point are known by this staff in detail and thus increase productivity.

Our vision ; We aim to be the leader in the marketing, service, logistics and retailing sector of all kinds of products, primarily food in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions and all over Turkey in the first place. We aim to be the leader in the most healthy, best quality products, We are there to offer the most efficient way of gathering.

Our mission ; In the food sector; Our effectiveness, honesty and team productivity; To our customers, to our suppliers, to our employees, to the community and to the environment.

Our values; We; We are an honest, reliable and successful team that does not compromise on service and quality, works day and night for customer satisfaction, environmentally and collectively sensitive, continuously develops knowledge and experience, adopts every justice principle.